Smart LiDAR Sensor

Facet Technology Corp. announces the next milestone in its SMART vehicle sensor program.

Today June 7, 2016 Facet Technology was issued U.S. Patent No. 9,360,554  METHODS AND APPARATUS FOR OBJECT DETECTION AND IDENTIFICATION IN A MULTIPLE DETECTOR LIDAR ARRAY Facet is taking 15 years of experience in driving 1.5 million miles of roads with leading-edge commercial LiDAR and cameras, 2 generations of Facet-built industrial sensor systems, petabytes of processed LIDAR data and applying it to the problems presented in vehicles with autopilot and full autonomous driving. Smart LiDAR enables safer, smarter and less expensive ADAS and autonomous vehicles. Smart LiDAR off loads billions of operations per second from the vehicle control system (VCS). Smart LiDAR systems will provide preprocessed data to the VCS including:

  • object vectors
  • localization vectors
  • edge detection
  • corner detection
  • object segmentation

Point cloud data is also supplied. Preprocessing LiDAR data will be needed as vehicle LiDAR data goes from the typical 700,000 points/second to the anticipated 35 million+ points/second in the next few years. The VCU’s will need all the help we can provide as the data rates and the criticality of real time decisions grow exponentially with fully autonomous applications.

Facet is working with select OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers for the commercialization of customized versions of the smart sensors for future autonomous navigation systems.

Facet’s referenced patent is applicable to a broader range of applications than are discussed herein. There are also other patents in Facet’s portfolio that apply to Smart LiDAR.

Coming in 2017 – a 4D sensor for autonomous vehicles and low-altitude autonomous aircraft.