SketchManager™, Facet Technology’s open data format, GIS-based sketch creation and management application is designed to play a key role in the initial data layer creation and the ongoing management of improved parcel sketches within your jurisdiction.

It offers these capabilities:

  • Sketch Man2Sketch creation and editing
  • Geo-referencing and rotating
  • Classification
  • Database history and tracking
  • Parcel-specific data vault
  • CAMA data import and export
  • Verification of area calculations
  • Open data formats
  • Street level imagery
  • Oblique imagery
  • Mobile versions for iOS and Android devices

SketchManager™’s power lies in its ability to operate on a single parcel while easily managing a large project at the county level. The SketchManager™ software supports the creation, updating and management of sketch data throughout the entire life cycle.  Because SketchManager™ is GIS-based, users can manage sketches how they desire.  The input sources portion of the workflow contains source folder scanning, allowing the application to locate, load and classify newly-created sketch shape files. Combined with our leading street level and oblique imagery, it is the BEST solution for your parcel management needs. Contact us today to learn more.

Facet  SketchManager capabilities are related to one or more of certain Facet-owned or Facet-licensed US and international patent rights.