Transportation agencies face challenges from aging infrastructure, demands to improve performance, calls to sustain existing assets, and an imperative to improve highway safety. Agencies must find innovative ways to preserve, maintain, and extend the service life of transportation assets economically.

Facet’s use of LiDAR-enhanced imagery for asset management has led to newfound advantages in the field of digital roadway imagery and asset management. The Facet asset management system uses patented image-recognition software to extract attributes from digital image data and convert data into an asset database. Facet’s solution offers seamless capture, inventory, and analysis of transportation-related assets.

Facet provides significant image capture capability, high resolution images, attention to detail, and innovative project planning have led to Facet’s success with customers in asset management.

Facet processes and patented technology work hand-in-hand to deliver the highest quality digital roadway asset management solution available in the world.

Let Facet show you how we can prepare your department for the road ahead.

The key to any roadside inventory project is the creation of the initial digital inventory repository. Without a cost effective way to do this, all other propositions are meaningless. Have a wildly out-of-date inventory? That’s just as bad. Facet Technology uses an automated system in conjunction with our own vehicles to catalog your assets. In post process our state-of-the art imaging systems and software make image cataloging easy and efficient.

Facet Technology provides the most accurate assessment technologies on the market using LiDAR to provide engineering grade dimensions of all your assets. LiDAR is accurate compared to traditional photogrammetry techniques. Contact us today to learn more.