Facet is a cutting-edge company with a strong technical history and significant accomplishments delivering services and software. Founded in 1998, Facet has been awarded over 30 US Patents, and our founder Jamie Retterath is a research scientists in graphics and image processing hardware and software.

Facet helps all levels of transportation government federal, state, county and municipal governments solve their problems by combining excellent technical capabilities with a top-tier services business. Facet customers are around the US and North America, and Facet has driven over 1,800,000 miles of roadside Image + LiDAR capture. A few notable Facet projects include routing and mapping the city centers of 120 US cities and performing high resolution image capture for points-of-interest in those cities.

Facet core values are technical excellence, operational efficiency, and quality delivery of services and software to our customers.

  • Technical excellence – Facet utilizes state of the art image and LiDAR capture equipment on our mobile mapping vehicles, and are constantly investing in upgrading our equipment to provide the best and most advanced deliverables available on the market.
  • Operational efficiency – Facet has significant operational knowledge and capability that we bring to bear for each client. Having completed 1,800,000 miles of roadside capture, equaling hundreds of terabytes of data, Facet gives customers the benefit of our knowledge and capabilities in every project we do.
  • Quality delivery of services – Facet works closely with customers to define their image and LiDAR capture needs, and delivers on those specifications. Each jurisdiction has different regulations and requirements, and Facet ensures that all deliverables are compliant with customer requirements whatever they may be.

Whether you need efficient and capable services delivery or deep technical knowledge, Facet Technology has delivered and will continue to deliver differentiated and high quality products and services.

Facet provides geocoded roadside imagery, which lets us see exactly what a structure is from the ground level, and greatly helped our assessing efforts. Facet roadside images gives us much better parcel visibility and assessment capability than would aerial images alone.

Richard Benkovic, GIS Director, Lehigh County, PA

Facet’s SketchManger tool revealed revenues that produced a significant ROI for the county, far exceeding our investment in the project. I would recommend Facet SketchManager to anyone seeking better accuracy in assessing their parcel base.

Douglas Boswell CPE, Data Analyst, Dauphin County, PA

Facet SketchManager helps Onslow County get more visibility into our existing data. SketchManager revealed major and minor discrepencies between current structures and those records on file, which resulted in significant revenue opportunities for our county.

Harry Smith, Onslow County Tax Administrator, Onslow County, NC