Smart LiDAR Sensor

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Smart LiDAR Sensor

Facet Technology Corp. announces the next milestone in its SMART vehicle sensor program.

Today June 7, 2016 Facet Technology was issued U.S. Patent No. 9,360,554  METHODS AND APPARATUS FOR OBJECT DETECTION AND IDENTIFICATION IN A MULTIPLE DETECTOR LIDAR ARRAY Facet is taking 15 years of experience in driving 1.5 million miles of roads with leading-edge commercial LiDAR and cameras, 2 generations of Facet-built industrial sensor systems, petabytes of processed LIDAR data and applying it to the problems presented in vehicles with autopilot and full autonomous driving. Read More

Facet Technology introduces key technology for Autonomous Vehicles

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Today Facet technology introduced a key technology that will have far reaching impact in the world of autonomous vehicles. This solid state device will facilitate LiDAR based navigational control without crosstalk.

‘The elimination of crosstalk is key for the widespread adaptation of autonomous vehicles’, said Jamie Retterath, President of Facet Technology. ‘LiDAR is a key technology in autonomous vehicles, but you have to keep their sensors from interfering with each other. That is what we have done.’

This capability, which is designed to easily be implemented on a single chip, will help pave the way for millions of autonomous vehicles to share the worlds roadways. Autonomous vehicles will incorporate multiple sensors to allow them to safely navigate. Each sensor, if unprotected, runs the risk of reporting incorrect information if it misinterprets the interference from another vehicles sensor as valid data. The technology being introduced today does just that.

Parties interested in learning more are invited to contact Facet Technology.