Fully Automated HAD Map Generation

High accuracy, full life cycle HAD and HD Mapping support

Facet Technology has created mapping tools and technologies that have been used by many of the major mapping companies in the world. We have built a new generation of tools and patented technologies to support the fully automated HAD Map generation. They also support creating and maintenance of HD Maps for ADAS and fully autonomous vehicle applications. Facet’s automation tools and techniques dramatically reduce the costs of HAD and HD mapping programs both in initial build and for ongoing maintenance. This will enable companies to get to market quicker with sustainable businesses. We are looking to partner with companies that are beginning to build or want to improve their existing HAD or HD Mapping programs. Facet’s Role as Strategic Partner in the HD Map Value Chain

StepFacet’s Capabilities
Data SourcingExperienced, methodology and access to data sources
Data CollectionExtensive operational experience, patented sensor IP, advanced R&D
Data Reduction Facet’s core strength since 2000, patented IP, automation software
Map Production Custom Vector, Conflation and Topology Tools, patented IP, automation R&D
Quality AssuranceUtilize Facet-sourced data as QA/QC for other data sets, patented IP
Delivery Experienced, Methodology and custom-built Compilation tool
Change Detection and Maintenance Automation software, methodologies and vehicle sensor data integration, patented IP and advanced R&D

Contact us. Facet works with customers to develop innovative plans to support your HAD and HD Mapping programs.

Facet  HAD and HD Mapping technologiescapabilities are related to one or more of certain Facet-owned or Facet-licensed US and international patent rights.  facet-tech.com/patent-marking/