Facet Technology is now offering technology licenses to LiDAR suppliers for the elimination of crosstalk.

The patent-pending technology utilizes a multi-bit temporal encoding technique to create unique digital signatures. These signatures ensure that LiDAR units only process their own reflected signals as valid data.

The industry is beginning to understand the looming crisis that the mass deployment of LiDAR devices will create. When two or more LiDAR devices operating at the same wavelength are illuminating a common field of view there are times when they sense emitted, reflected or scattered data from other like-wavelength sources. These unwanted signals create the appearance of false objects that are closer to the vehicle than the actual objects. This can cause vehicles with automated braking systems to inappropriately slow, halt or take other evasive maneuvers. OEMs are concerned about safety issues, potential recalls and negative impact on their brand. Current techniques such as analog accumulation, digital averaging and software filters that are being developed only reduce the frequency of the problem. Facet’s technology can eliminate the problem.

Industry expert Phil Magney, Founder & Principal Advisor at Vision Systems Intelligence, says “There is a growing awareness in the industry of the LiDAR crosstalk problem. Suppliers are trying to determine the safest and most cost-effective means to manage this issue. Quanergy has announced that they are taking a leading position in solving this problem by leveraging a multi-bit encoding technique for their 2017 solid state product.”

John Dolejsi, CEO of Facet Technology, says “Facet is working with several Tier 1, Tier 2 and LiDAR suppliers to engineer their next generation products to be crosstalk safe and secure. Our company’s mission is to help make vehicle automation safe and affordable for all stakeholders in the industry. Suppliers are starting to solidify their hardware designs for the mass-production of automated braking systems. We feel that this technology is too important to the success of the industry to limit its availability to a handful of select devices.

Technology licenses are available for all types of suppliers.

Facet Technology Launches Its Safe and Secure LiDAR™ Crosstalk Elimination Licensing Program