Facet Technology - Autonomous Vehicles / LiDARAs autonomous vehicles leave the lab and enter the road, Facet has key intellectual property that will improve how vehicle sensors interact. Read how our technology makes this possible.

LiDAR is a proven technology for 3D ranging. Real-time, 3D ranging is a key component of autonomous vehicle navigation. Its represents the current state of the art as part of a set of sensors for ADAS thru fully autonomous vehicles.

LiDAR ranging in autonomous vehicles does present some problems; Firstly is cost, and other key issues include cross-talk: When there are multiple LiDAR-based vehicles on the road, LiDAR beams from multiple vehicles will interfere with other vehicles’ primary sensor. This cross talk introduces dangerous errors in detector readings and renders LiDAR technology largely unusable. Cost and LiDAR crosstalk are issues that must be solved before LiDAR-based autonomous vehicles will become mainstream.

Facet Technology has a patent-pending solid state smart LiDAR design. Sound interesting? Talk to us.