For budget-conscious county governments, how can you staff to a level that keeps up with field assessment needs?

Facet’s accurate and verifiable image capture services can make all the difference; Measurable, verifiable, images, address verification, and more, combined with best-in-class management tools keeps your people at their most productive and safe.

The modern assessor has 2 key requirements of their system:

  • World class imagery of their parcel base, and the ability to easily view images and related data
  • Tools that measure, track, and validate property parcels

Facet SketchManager® toolset delivers on assessor requirements and solves key problems for assessors. To learn more, click on the link.

Assessor personnel cannot be everywhere, all the time. But now, Facet’s tools can make it seem like you can be. Facet Technology offers combined HD-spherical AND oblique imagery seamlessly integrated into our class-leading SketchManager® toolset. SketchManager allows validation and measurement of parcels from all angles, minimizing personnel trips to the field. That’s cost effective, and safer for your staff.

Only need one type of imagery? Need to integrate existing oblique images? Time to re-shoot with a new supplier? Talk to us. We can offer special programs that make this very cost effective. No one else can offer this array of capabilities:

  • Immersive, 360-degree imagery
  • Unmatched accuracy
  • Virtual drive-through capability from the desktop
  • High resolution “tagged” images, 1 – 24 MP
  • Multiple camera platforms supporting multiple shooting styles
  • Exceeds IAAO recommended specifications
  • Easy integration with existing GIS data, CAMA software, and aerial imagery
  • High resolution measurement capabilities

Let Facet Technology show you how much revenue you might be missing. Our SketchMetrics® program gives you an accurate view of how current your sketches are, and where you are missing opportunities. SketchMetrics is powerful and is provided as a free service.

Let us show you how Facet is cost effectively letting county and municipal economically fulfill their parcel management needs. Contact us today.

SketchMetrics and SketchManager capabilities are related to one or more of certain Facet-owned or Facet-licensed US and international patent rights.